ANC slams 5 embassies for ‘bullying’ memorandum

JOHANNESBURG – The African National Congress (ANC) has accused the US, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland of interference for sending a joint memorandum to President Cyril Ramaphosa stating their concerns with the corruption in South Africa.

On Sunday, the Sunday Times reported that the five embassies wrote to the president warning him that failure to act against those implicated in corruption placed foreign investment at risk.

This led to the Department of International Relations and Cooperation to summon representatives of the five countries, saying they have breached protocol.

In the statement, the ANC describes the countries as dramatic western imperialist forces and former colonisers who act as holier than thou.

The party says it doesn’t want to relate to the countries the history of master-slave relations.

The ANC says South Africa has embarked on a process of ridding itself of state capture and corruption.

The party calls on the countries to support South Africa, saying it doesn’t appreciate the threatening and bullying tone.

The ruling party’s response comes as confusion reigns over whether the memorandum was sent directly to the president or was part of discussions between ambassadors and the president’s investor envoys ahead of last year’s investor conference.

EDITOR’S NOTE: A previous version of this story incorrectly named Australia as one of the countries involved. This is incorrect and has been rectified, we apologise for the error.

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