Huawei launches world’s first 5G base station core chip

NTERNATIONAL – Huawei on Thursday launched the world’s first core chip specifically designed for 5G base stations. The core chip, named Huawei Tiangang, will support simplified 5G networks and large-scale 5G network deployment, the company said in a press release. 

According to the company, the Huawei Tiangang boasts high computing capacity, with a 2.5-fold increase over previous chips. Using the latest algorithms and beam-forming technology, a Tiangang chip can control up to 64 channels, which is the industry’s highest standard. 
 The chip also supports the 200 MHz high spectral bandwidth, getting ready for future network deployment, the company said. The 5G base stations can be deployed in just half the time it takes to install a 4G base station, according to the company.

“Huawei has long been committed to investing in basic science and technology. We were the first to make breakthroughs in key technologies for large-scale 5G commercial use,” said Ding Yun, Huawei executive director of the Board and Carrier BG chief executive. 
“We are also promoting the commercial rollout of 5G, and building a mature industry ecosystem.” So far the company has got 30 commercial 5G contracts and shipped over 25,000 5G base stations globally. 

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