Angelo Agrizzi reveals that Bosasa once laundered money to ANC to finance their party activities

JOHANNESBURG – Former Bosasa executive Angelo Agrizzi has implicated the African National Congress (ANC) in his testimony at the state capture inquiry, saying that the facilities company once laundered money for the party’s electioneering in the North West.

Agrizzi says that the company, now called Global African Solutions, had to launder money through youth centers in order to give the party cash.

Angelo Agrizzi says that to generate cash for electioneering, the North West Department of Social Development would pay Bosasa for non-existent work at youth centers across the province.

And then the company would keep a little bit of that money and pay the rest to the provincial official who asked for the cash to fund electioneering.

Agrizzi initially didn’t want to say which political party was paid the laundered money.

“And what is the political party?” deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo asked.

To which Agrizzi replied: “Do I have to say [the party’s name] chair?”

Zondo prodded Agrizzi to name the party: “What is your answer to my question?”

“My answer to your question is that it is the ruling party.”

While Agrizzi didn’t name the North West official that Bosasa paid the money to, he did confirm that a provincial MEC of Social Development was fully aware of the scheme.

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