No power cuts expected over the festive season

It’s summer and it’s the getting closer to the holiday season and we have been experiencing a lot of power cuts and the possibility of returning to load shedding, with the country experiencing rolling blackout in the past few weeks.  If you have been worried about the possibility of experiencing load shedding during the festive season, you don’t have to worry. Eskom has said the probability of load shedding would be low until January 13 as demands drop while businesses close for the festive season.

In a statement released by the power utility they said “The probability of load shedding remains low from today until Sunday 13 January 2019. This is as a result of the expected decrease in demand as businesses and industries close down for the festive break,” the power utility said.

It warned however that heavy rainfall until March could negatively impact on its generation capacity because coal handling becomes harder.

The company said it is continuing to implement a recovery programme to improve low coal stock levels and the performance of it power plants.

“During the December period, Eskom will intensify its maintenance activities in an effort to improve generation capacity for the return of businesses and industries in the new year. Steady progress has been made with regards to fixing coal stockpiles.”

Business Africa.

Stan Legodi.

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